The Truth About Magnesium

Magnesium is essential for our bodies to function properly, especially our muscles. However, most of us aren’t getting enough magnesium in our diets. People with the following ailments might find great benefits with a little bit of extra magnesium:

Muscle Function Issues

Anxiety Disorders


High Blood Pressure


But how can I consume more magnesium without taking supplements?

Make sure you are including enough dark leafy greens, such as spinach, in your diet. Nuts, seeds, and beans are also fantastic sources of magnesium. Fruits, such as avocados and bananas, are filled with this nutritious element, as well as dark chocolate (my favorite source of magnesium!).

Of course – these recommendations are not evaluated by a health care professional. Nevertheless, I have personally experienced massive improvements in muscle function, gastrointestinal issues, and anxiety disorders by adding an avid amount of magnesium to my diet.

Don’t forget to keep your health in mind today!



3 thoughts on “The Truth About Magnesium

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